Pioneers in Speech Processing Tecnhnologies

VoiceInteraction has been a reference in the field since 2008

Our vision

Founded by a team of PhD researchers and experts in the field, VoiceInteraction has made significant developments and breakthroughs in the areas of speech recognition, natural language processing, translation, dialog systems, and speech synthesis. We believe that speech-to-text will be the preferred method for access to information, and we continue to move forward with innovative solutions combined with scientific Research & Development. Our products are constantly developed and refined in order to provide a wide range of features, introducing competitive advantages to our clients’ frameworks.

Our Mission

Upon a solid base of R&D, VoiceInteraction offers innovative solutions focused on Speech Processing Tecnologies. Our mission is to generate a visible competitive advantage to whom is using our product suite - either parterns or clients.

Our Global Presence

With offices on 4 continents and over 500 customers, VoiceInteraction strives to offer solutions that are, today, a reference in the Broadcast Industry, Public and Private Enterprises, Educational and Cultural Entities, Healthcare Providers and Contact Centers.

“Innovators, not Integrators”
State-of-the-art Proprietary Technology and in-house R&D department
Solutions created by experts
Offering considerable added-value to our clients and partners
24/7 Technical Support
Reliable technical support to implement and utilize our platforms

Our technology

VoiceInteraction bases its practices on Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Neural networks – the goal is to ‘Extract knowledge from speech’ – thus resulting in reliable and flexible platforms for Automatic Closed Captioning, Broadcast Monitoring & Compliance and Automated Transcription Workflows.

Our values

Continuous Innovation, dedicated Support and thorough business contacts wouldn’t be possible without a great team. From a tight-knit collaborative structure of Professors and PhD researchers to a thriving larger structure, VoiceInteraction remains committed to great performance by managing our talent with responsibility, commitment and appreciation.

Research, Development and Innovation

We are committed to systematically and sustainably developing internationally competitive solutions through Knowledge and Innovation management.
Identifying and/or anticipating the needs of clients, consumers, and partners and proactively customizing these solutions, i.e. constant evolution of the offer in response to a new market and consumer trends.

Looking for new technological solutions at product and process level, in partnership with scientific entities, clients, suppliers and others.

Providing incentives to the motivation, creativity, and qualification of employees in order to continuously promote a culture of commitment and an environment enhancing scientific and technological knowledge.

Continuously improving the effectiveness of the R&D management system, making the most of the resources available and assuring that results are evaluated and supported.

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Request a demo and experience what our Speech Processing platforms can offer you.
Call us today at
+1 646 504 7906
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Request a demo and experience what our Speech Processing platforms can offer you.
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